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Our company provides custom programming as well as offshore software development and design services since 1996. We have implemented a large number of software development projects and gained considerable experience in custom applications development and design, web sites development, design, and 3D graphics.

We have a number of offshore software development centers that attract local talents in Eastern Europe. This lets us significantly cut all software development costs without compromising on software quality. We also perform QA/QC procedures in full compliance with ISO standards and provide our customers with thoroughly tested, decent quality solutions that are ready to solve their business needs.

If you have a tough time and budget requirements, you have to think about software development outsourcing. You can spend a lot of time and funds recruiting people, but once you have made contact with our company, we will quickly create workgroups from a large pool of professional developers and project managers which are fine tuned to your project requirements. We ensure quick turnaround time and prompt reply to all customer inquiries.

Since we do the main part of the work offshore, we understand the usual concern that working with a contractor (especially a foreign one) can be very vague and difficult, and we also understand the concerns about intellectual property rights, information non-disclosure, and software security issues. We take every possible measure to secure customers from any potential compromise. We have proved to our customers that working with Tonec Inc. is easy and secure. These references can be provided upon request

Outsourcing enables entrepreneurs across the world to realize their innovative ideas and quickly occupy additional areas beyond core competencies. But keep in mind that not every project is suitable for outsourcing - please consult with our managers if you have any questions or concerns

If you have a project in mind, RFP or specification, please write to or use Online Contact Form. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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