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Sample 20

Drawing text with a shadow

The sample shows how to create a text with a shadow.


Dim im
Dim width, height, str

width = 350
height = 70
str = "Shadow Text"

Set im = CreateObject("ActiveImage.Images.1")
im.CreateImage width, height
im.SetImageType 1

im.CreateImage width, height
im.SetColor 255,255,0
im.DrawFilledRectangle 0,0,width, height
im.SetFontSizeTTF 38

im.SetFontTTF "tahomabd"
'Set the text color
im.SetColor 20,20,150
im.DrawTextTTF 4,48,str

im.SetColor 255,255,230
im.DrawTextTTF 6,45,str

im.WriteToFile "C:\AI\shadow.jpg"
Set im = Nothing

 Picture 1. Shadow.jpg (size - 6,1Kb)

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