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Sample 7

Using True Type Fonts

Using True Type Fonts


DIM im1
'Create Object
Set im1 = CreateObject("ActiveImage.Images.1")

'Set path to true type fonts
'Set font size
im1.SetFontSizeTTF 24
'Set Font Name
im1.SetFontTTF "ariblk"

'Create empty canvass
im1.CreateImagePalette 300, 300

im1.SetAlphaColor 0,0,0,0
im1.Fill 1,1

'Set Color
im1.SetAlphaColor 128, 0, 192,0
'Draw a text with selected font
im1.DrawTextTTF 20, 20 , ""

im1.SetFontSizeTTF 36

'Draw a text with selected font and angle
im1.DrawTextAngleTTF 50, 50 ,360-45, "TONEC.COM"
im1.SetAlphaColor 128, 192, 192,0
im1.DrawTextAngleTTF 50, 100 ,360-45, ""

'Save image to a file
im1.WriteToFile "C:\truetype.png"
im1.SetImageType 1
im1.WriteToFile "C:\truetype.jpg"
Set im1 = Nothing

 Picture 1. truetype.png (size - 6 Kb)

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