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 Acoola Installation instructions:

  1. Download Acoola
  2. Unpack the class files in the directory containing html documents, or into a different directory and add the correct CODEBASE= attribute.
  3. Add the applet tag to your html document in the position you want Acoola to appear. Usually the easiest way to customize the applet is cut and paste the applet tag information used in the sample and modify it to fit your web page.

    <APPLET width=468 height=60 codebase=classes_path code=Acoola.class archive=acoola.jar>
    <param name="image1" value="http://imagehost/image1.gif">
    <param name="link1" value="">
    <param name="delay1" value="10">
    <param name="image2" value="http://imagehost/image2.gif">
    <param name="link2" value="">
    <param name="delay2" value="15">
    <param name="XScrollDelay" value="3">
    <param name="YScrollDelay" value="10">
    <param name="TransformDelay" value="5">
    <param name="DefaultDelay" value="5">
    <param name="BannerReloadPeriod" value="20">
    <param name="DownloadTimeout" value="50"> 
    <param name="MaximumLoadedBanners" value="3">
    <param name="RandomSequence" value="0">
    <param name="TargetFrame" value="_blank">
    <param name="FadeProbability" value="0.25">
    <param name="DissolveProbability" value="0.3">

    XScrollDelay- horizontal scroll delay, default=5 ms
    YScrollDelay - vertical scroll delay, default=20 ms
    TransformDelay - transformation delay, default=10 ms
    DefaultDelay - banner display time (global value), default=10 seconds
    BannerReloadPeriod - specifies the time to load a new banner, default=30 seconds
    DownloadTimeout - image download timeout, default = 60 seconds
    MaximumLoadedBanners - the number of banners to keep at memory, default=10 banners
    RandomSequence - images should be displayed in random sequence
    FadeProbability - the probability of fade effect, set to 1 to enable fade transition effect only
    DissolveProbability - the probability of dissolve effect, set to 1 and FadeProbability to 0 to enable dissolve transition effect only
    - controls in what frame Acoola opens pages
    - open in the window and frame where Acoola is located
    - open in the new top-level window
    - open in the parent frame. It works like "_self" if Acoola frame has no parent frame
    - open in the top-level frame of Acoola window
    - open in the frame or window called "name". If a target named "name" doesn't exist, the document will be displayed in the new top-level window

  4. If you see a "class not found" message, this means what it says - your browser can't find the .class file specified. This may mean a spelling or case mistake in the CODE=attribute, the wrong location in the CODEBASE=attribute, or that you've forgotten to copy the .class file (some.class) to the necessary directory.
  5. Make sure that your <APPLET> tag, closing </APPLET> tag, and all <PARAM> tags have < and > brackets. Check that the value for every parameter is enclosed between quotes.

If you see a NullPointerException displayed in the browser status-bar, it's most likely to be caused by a mistake in parameters. Check that paths and names are correct. Please also note that unsigned applets can not load files from another servers.

If the applet runs, but you can't make it do what you want it to do, please take another look at the documentation.

Also as it was mentioned earlier, banner urls can be specified in a file. The file with the name banners.txt should be placed at the same directory where the classes are located.


Image_URL [Click_URL [Display_Time]]
http://host/image1.gif 3
http://host/image2.gif 10

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