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Internet Download Manager Internet Download Manager - User Opinions

"This is my favorite download manager."
Unlike Download Accelerator Plus and many others there are no advertisements that slow down your download. It is crisp and clean, loads quickly, and works fine. If you are have at least half a brain it woorks great. I also used Go!zilla for a very long time in the past, but this proggie is great, I like it more, it's very simple and going direct to the point. Another good feature is the capability to capture the redirected files, this is really cool, Go!zilla can't do this.

  Ronald R.

"One must use no other download softwer than this One"
I am not a professional IT person. The process of downloading can be a somewhat anxiety provoking process. The use of IDM alleviates this anxiety and makes the process easier to perform. And I am just amazaed with the download speed i have achieved using this software..I just couldn't resist my joy after using this product.... I have downloaded 5 GB sized software after using this.

  John Shusha

"Works, works and works!"
I recommend this for user-friendliness and features. Great look with funny buttons too. It's nice but sometimes i just don't know when to stop, coz here ara some files that don't support multi download. I haven't really noticed an increase in download time on most downloads. On others it has been a little quicker. Myabe it is my DSl provider that determines what is happening. But for those few areas that we're slower it really helped. It's nice and worth every dollar I paid for this program!

  Tod Robertson

"IDM can't be compared to flaky competitor products"
I have tried all sorts of download accelerators but this is the best yet. Just great!! I have been using "Dowload Accelerator", for years, great program but I have suffered through many instability problems and bugs. IDM is a great switch for myself: its much more stable and delivers great download speed. IDM has a decent download speed, it gives you much better acceleration than DAP. Also all the free version of DAP does is let someone know were you go on the net and yes here comes the spam. IDM is clean and has no spyware inside! Overall IDM is a very good DL manager.

  Funk Master

"A great tool to handle downloads!"
I use this program all the time. It seems like I'm always downloading something, MP3s, teaching aids, movies, etc. This program is a big help. I can verify links before I downloaded them, so I wouldn't get a hundred error messages about how the file didn't exist. I can stop in middle download, turn off my computer, and resume the download later when I have time. I can download from multiple mirrors at the time, making my files download a little bit faster. I can save my download lists, so I always knew where I can re-download the file if necessary. Then I upgraded to XP. Now whenever I try to use browser integration, I get the double acceleration speed. If I loose it I'll really miss using the program, but maybe it's just working for me. I recommend the program. Try it on your computer. Maybe it will work even better for you.


"Tonec represents the best product"
Excellent Alround performance! I am a relative beginner and found the download manager easy to use. Also it has NO ADS or SPYWARE. I really would like more info on your other products. all that ever comes up is sign up. IDM is a neat tool to organize your downloads. I needed sometin like this, and i got it. recommend to everyone

  Maurice Poule

"Best thing I ever Downloaded!"
Without IDM my husband would be a computer widower. Even he downloads stuff now because it's so fast & easy. I would also recommend this product to people because it works very well on thye internet it makes your downloads so much faster it is pretty unbelievable. Keep up the good work!


"No doubt! The best download accelerator/manager on the net!"
It beats all the others out there. Easy to install, use and the upgrade to IDM plus is worth the money! I was a previous user of GetRight and i found it good. However after downloading IDM, it was DEFINATELY faster! I'm using Win XP and i give all of you my word that it is 100% stable so don't believe what other's might write! Just download it and U WILL NEVER regret it!


"Get It!!!"
I just got done using this and recommend it to everyone. I am between novice and medium range in skills...Found it very easy, fast, informative...Thank you staff...The free one from F.D. is NOT worth your time to use...Tell your friends about this one.

  Robert Reiff

"IT works great!"
Finally! My search has ended. It's here, and i'm glad i found it after looking for alternative download accelerator. I tried "Download Accelerator" and "Fresh UI" but they all are bloated buggy piece of garbage applications. I am a programmer my self and know good work when i see it. This program has the most easiest interface of them all, very straight forward and best of all.. No Banners! I was downloading a file and it was kind've an emergency. It's 442 MB and theres over 400 people downloading it. It was going 15kb/sec constant using explorers built in downloader and i got 30kb/sec using both download accelerator and Fresh UI because the file was hosted on two mirrors hence 15 + 15 = 30kb/sec. This program is going 150kb/sec!!! It's the technique they use for the download process that makes this so efficient in downloading. Pat your selves on the back, not only do i appreciate this program but the time it has saved me.

  Mike Canejo

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